A Vampire Western

Dry Blood Springs

Good Versus Evil

A Thriller About Courage

A Battle of Hope 

Dry Blood Springs is a vampire western set in a southern Utah town in the late 1850s that pits a man’s search for self-respect against pure evil; a story about heroism, desperation and the fear that goes into changing one’s persona.


A Story of Courage

Dry Blood Springs is a story of an unlikely hero tasked to save the town he loves. It’s a story filled with twists and turns; a suspenseful tale of overcoming fear for those you love. Newspaper man James Edward Furst, a.k.a. Jef, a fish-out-of-water cowboy envisions his bravery in writing articles about the town’s unexpected guest, a blood thirsty vampire, will gain him all the respect he needs from his fellow town members. But Jef’s plan is knocked off track when his protective wife and two children, family that is his most prize possession, is put at risk in all of his scheming.

Dry Blood Springs

Dry Blood Springs is book number 1 of 3

The RISE of Dry Blood Springs

The RISE of Dry Blood Springs is book number 2 of 3

The CURSE of Dry Blood Springs

The CURSE of Dry Blood Springs is book number 3 of 3

Out of 5 Stars

This engaging thriller is beloved by many. Dry Blood Springs brings a unique view to traditional vampire westerns in that it’s about an unlikely hero tasked with saving the town he loves. 


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About The Author

BRYON K. SAXTON is a former reporter for a daily newspaper based in Ogden, Utah. For roughly 30 years Saxton covered beats in investigation, government, and community.  Saxton is a graduate from Weber State University, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications, emphasis in journalism, and an English minor.  He is a longtime resident of Weber County and is married with four children. Dry “Blood” Springs is his first novel, and was inspired by Saxton’s real-life battle of hope verse darkness.

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